The Pursuit of Harmony

Phase Three - Module One - Advanced Theory Loader

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  • Phase Three - Module One - Advanced Theory

Phase Three - Module One - Advanced Theory

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Expand your understanding of theory and learn the circle of fifths as it relates to the logical understanding of the key system of music. Explore & expand your knowledge in the area of complex harmony and how it is acquired through the use of the chain of thirds. Learn more scales along with the chord progressions in a sequential cycle to add more movement and excitement to YOUR playing style.

Gain a fresh outlook to the use your chords and scales with Modal Interchange and work chromatically when altering motes to fit the scales in your music. Learn how to change key within a musical composition and how to logically make sense of connecting different keys and the theory that it is based on.

Explore the principles of part writing in order to create good and variant harmony. You will go through each individual section of their parts and under understand the harmony in relation to each individual part of your music.

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  • Circle of Fifths
  • Complex Harmony
  • Expanding Scales & Chord progressions
  • Modal Interchange & Modulation
  • Part Writing