The Pursuit of Harmony

Phase One - Module Two - Keyboard Theory Loader

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  • Phase One - Module Two - Keyboard Theory

Phase One - Module Two - Keyboard Theory

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Keyboard Theory (Five Classes)

Learn building blocks of music.

A basic knowledge of keyboard theory is an essential tool for you as an artist. Providing YOU with a common language and a means of understanding the organization of music.

Keyboard theory is the explanation of the ideas behind music and how music is put together. With a basic training, you will begin to understand what you are listening to, which will make things like building a scale, chords and composing much easier!

With further training you will be able to improve versions of your favorite tracks and even learn to RE CREATE them!

Quick Overview

Keyboard Theory - Some of the topics covered

  • The twelve notes of the music language and how to write out the notes to their respective time values.
  • The concept of “meter” on a basic scale.
  • The difference between perfect and imperfect intervals.
  • How to build a major and minor triad/chord using intervals
  • Introduced to the harmonic minor and melodic minor scale.
  • You BEGIN to create melody.
  • Introduced to the concept of motives, chord progressions with root movement.
  • How motives work together in a “question/answer” type of relationship.

    This and much more is covered in Module Two - Keyboard Theory