The Pursuit of Harmony

Phase One - Module Three - Percussion Theory Loader

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  • Phase One - Module Three - Percussion Theory

Phase One - Module Three - Percussion Theory

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Why is Percussion Theory so important in creating your music :

One of the most important areas of creating your music is programming your drums to create rhythm or groove. Gaining key inside knowledge of how and why drum patterns work can help make you a better musician and gives your music great rhythm and groove. Developing the “feel” you are looking for in a track usually starts and ends in the way your percussive instruments in your music are arranged. The importance of drum programming cannot be underestimated as it is of high relevance in virtually all areas of music from traditional forms to electronic generated productions.

Quick Overview

In this course you will gain insight into these key areas:

  • The “Bottom Up” approach
  • Building a Base Core Primary Loop
  • Creating Groove with Patterns
  • Adding Basic Effects to Your Drum Patterns
  • Creating “Timbre”

    These areas will help you create a track that people move to. In order to do this you must have a great bass line and drum pattern. Gaining inside knowledge of how a bass line is created with a GROOVE and why drum patterns work, will make you a better producer.