The Pursuit of Harmony

Phase One - All Six Modules Loader

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  • Phase One - All Six Modules


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Core curriculum:

The Core Curriculum we have put together is composed of SIX PHASES. We believe this is the most complete curriculum for those who not only want to produce great electronic music but also learn the skills to monetize those skills and understand the business side of the industry.

We believe these are ESSENTIAL keys to becoming a successful artist in this industry. It is designed in a way in which anyone can decide how far they want to take their training. From leisure to professional, Novice to Pro.

PHASE ONE: Phase one is designed to educate, inspire and empower YOU. Phase one gives you the foundational principles you need to create your sound.

You will learn how to prepare for each class and how to be most effective. You will also be given tools to help you maximize your absorption of the material you will be learning during your first three months of this program.

These fundamentals are the tools needed in the creation process, the training will also clear up all the misconceptions associated with all the "noise" in the market place telling you what you "need". Getting a clear understanding of the fundamentals is the best investment you can make. Always remember its YOU the artist that creates the music NOT the gear. You are the creator. Be better, create better.

Quick Overview

Phase One:

  • Module One: Software and Hardware – Understanding how software and hardware work together as ONE tool to produce your sound, your message.
  • Module Two: Keyboard Theory – Learning the musical language (Notes & chords)
  • Module Three: Percussion theory – Drum programming
  • Module Four : Recording and Editing – Fundamentals of manipulating your music
  • Module Five: Working with Bass lines
  • Module Six : Writing and Producing – Fundamentals of writing your music and learning how to reverse engineer music and identify components used.